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Learn About Campbell Investments

Learn About Campbell Investments

Focused on Excellence

Campbell Investments was founded in 1956 in London and is structured from its inception as a completely independent and privately owned boutique investment and wealth management council.

We offer bespoke highly personalized, discretionary wealth management and advisory services to a limited international clientele.

Our client selection process revolves around our capabilities to maintain the tailored approach to each client and its portfolio – and treat our clients as individuals not as numbers.

Individual attention to clients remains our primary focus to this day. Each portfolio we construct is designed around the needs of the individual who is investing and around the investments that are optimal for those needs.

Campbell Investments earns NO commission from the sale of any investment product or service. We believe this orientation also allows us to avoid the conflict-of-interest questions that could arise with a financial counselor who offered investment advice and then collected a commission or fee for its implementation.

Our boutique investment management firm adds value through the research we perform, the quality we offer in supervising assets, and the uncompromising nature of the advice we give our clients.

The firm's uninterrupted record of growth and profitability, through up and down business cycles, is rooted in a client-centred approach that values relationships over transactions. In all instances, we strive to understand the unique aspects of the client's operation and do not hesitate to advise against a transaction if it does not appear to serve the client's long-term interests.

This philosophy is further reflected in our commitment to offering independent, unbiased advice that is untainted by conflicts and cross-selling that arises with institutions with broader and more varied financial services and product offerings.

We Are Committed to Our Independence and We Work Exclusively For the Benefit of Our Clients Without Conflicting Interests.